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Caskai Sparkling Cascara Infusions are lightly carbonated non-alcoholic beverages made from our Premium Sun-Dried Cascara

Refreshing, light, and a simple ingredients list we make Caskai Sparklling Cascara Infusions by fresh brewing our Premium Sun-Dried Cascara™ in Austrian Alps Spring Water and add a touch of organic cane sugar, carbonation, and tartaric acid (from wine grapes) and that is it. For our Mint and Hibiscus flavors we fresh brew those as well, no concentrates are used.

Enjoy on a hot summer's day, a night on the town when you need a clear head, a light pick-me-up during a dull afternoon in the office, or after that grueling workout.

Refreshing and light, 1/3 the caffeine and sugar of traditional soda with all the goodness of cascara.

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