Premium Sun-Dried Cascara™

What is Cascara?

Cascara is the dried husk or skin of the coffee cherry. Yes, coffee is actually a fruit. We are used to drinking the roasted seed of that fruit. Cascara is also the Spanish word for husk or shell. Cascara, in its long Spanish form, is "Cascara del Cafe", or "husk of the coffee" in English.

Naturally Dried Cascara

Naturally Processed Cascara

At Caskai, we currently only source and use naturally dried and processed cascara from what is called the Dry Process or Natural Process of coffee drying. This is where the whole coffee fruit is sun and naturally air dried first and then dehusked vs. removing the skin first and then drying it.

First, sun drying coffee is one of the most sustainable forms of coffee drying. It doesn't require water nor electricity, often limited resources on remote coffee farms. Additionally, if not done properly, the large amounts of water that can used in other processes, whereby the husk is removed prior to drying, can wash away flavors, sugar and important nutrients.

There are certainly other sustainable methods of removing the husk prior to drying, but we are sticking to the natural process for now. 

Selecting Cascara in Panama

Premium Sun-Dried Cascara

As cascara is fairly new to most markets around the world, with a few exceptions, there were no industry standards set for quality. Our founders developed the Premium Sun-Dried Cascara mark to help set some early standards for high quality cascara. The mark ensures that the cascara meets certain flavor and nutrition standards. We are working on an ISO certification with others that can be used by coffee growers, importers, and producers of cascara based products.

Premium Sun-Dried Cascara